Friday, February 1, 2019

Week Ending February 1

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Science quoted Jackie Gates (CSD) on applications of the periodic table and the synthesis of new elements. Nature quoted her in a piece on “experiments at the edge of the periodic table” and pictured her at work in the Lab. An earlier Lab release featured on her superheavy element research with FIONA.

Alan Rhoades (EESA) was quoted in KQED Science on the current and future impacts of climate change on the Sierra snowpack.

HPCwire, Symmetry, R&D Magazine, and Aerospace and Defense News reported from a Lab release on physics Lab affiliate Kyle Boone’s coding victory in a machine-learning competition to advance supernovae modeling efforts

Berkeleyside ran a mention of the Lab release on the 16 elements contributed by the Lab to the periodic table, part of a year-long campaign aligned with the International Year of the Periodic Table, #IYPT2019.
Physics World,, Motherboard, and New Scientist ran stories on the Lab release about research on black holes and plasma jets, quoting former Lab affiliate Kyle Parfrey (NSD). The Daily Cal, Live Science, Value Walk, Space Daily, Science Alert, Daily Mail, and Advocator also ran stories.

Green Car Congress mentioned the Lab and research covered in a Lab release last year on high-rate, long-life, low-cost sodium-ion battery full-cell systems.

The Lab release turning carbon dioxide into sustainable chemicals and fuels without any wasteful byproducts, quoting Joel Ager (JCAP) is still getting pickup, most recently by Chemical Engineering Online.

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Nature ran a piece on the discovery of the first synthetic element (technetium) from an irradiated molybdenum sample sent from the Lab.

WIRED quoted Prabhat (NERSC) and mentioned the Lab in a story on the world’s fastest supercomputer breaking an AI record.

A piece in Nature celebrating the women behind the periodic table pictured Darleane Hoffman (former NSD) and named Dawn Shaughnessy (former CSD.

IEEE Spectrum mentioned the Lab in a piece on “Designing Magnets for the World’s Largest Particle Collider.”

CBS News’ Sunday Morning ran a Lab graphic in a piece on the unique properties of water and their manifestations in nature.

Lab affiliate and Nobel Laureate George Smoot (PH) was featured in a Scientific American article about the controversies surrounding LIGO and observations of amplified signals of black hole mergers from the distant universe.

SFGate featured Madelyn Bello (HR) in a piece about personal safety. Bello represents the Lab’s Filipino Martial Arts and the Filipino-American (Fil-Am) Employee Activity Associations.

Communications of the ACM quoted Eva Nogales (BIO) on CRISPR and Cryo-EM reshaping biology and genetic engineering.

CalMatters featured Lab affiliate Edward Vine (ETA) in a piece on housing students with retirees as one solution to the lack of affordable housing.

mentioned George Smoot (PH) and other scientific celebrities who have appeared on the Big Bang Theory.