Friday, November 2, 2018

Week Ending November 2

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

R&D Magazine, IEEE Spectrum, pv magazine, and KCBS radio, covered a Lab release and quoted Gideon Segev (CSD) on a hybrid cell that turns sunlight and water into hydrogen and electricity. PV Buzz, New Atlas, Engineering 360, Engadget, Inverse, Digital Journal, Saur Energy, The Tech News, Renewable Energy Magazine, and Nanowerk also covered it.

Green Car Congress and Tech Xplore covered a Lab release on machine learning to optimize traffic and reduce pollution. It was also picked up by Transportation Today.

Daily Mail (UK) covered a Lab release on Improving Climate Models to Account for Plant Behavior and quoted Bill Riley (EESA). ScienceDaily and Genetic Literacy Project also reported the work. covered a Lab release on DOE’s $6.8 million investment in LaserNetUS, a new national high intensity laser network, and quoted James Symons.

Angle News cited the DESI experiment in a feature of Australian astrophysicist Tamara Davis.

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

CERN Courier quoted Wim Leemans (ATAP) on the game-changing potential of plasma accelerators.

Axios and ThinkProgress quoted critiques from Jon Koomey (ETA) and Arman Shehabi (ETA) on a study of the energy use of bitcoin.

The Next Platform and HPC Wire covered a DOE release on developing the Lab’s new pre-exascale system, NERSC-9. NVIDIA, NextBigFuture, GeekWire, Top500, MarketScreener, TechGenYZ, GOVCONWire, and ZDNet also covered the announcement.

InsideClimate News quoted Chelsea Preble (ETA) in a piece on pollution controls for heavy duty trucks and reducing emissions.

Forbes cited Lab work on the Contemporary Physics Education Project in a piece on a post-LHC collider.

BuzzFeed quoted Russell Neches (JGI) in a piece on the scientific complications of defining genders.

IEEE Computer Society cited Lab research on the energy use of data servers.

HPC Wire ran visualizations produced by Dan Martin (CRD) in a piece on ice sheet collapse.

pv magazine cited a Lab study in reference to cost-effective solar deployment in Africa.

Windpower Monthly cited the Lab’s Wind Technologies Market Report in a piece on wind economics.

Noozhawk mentioned Mike Witherell’s work on dark matter and the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) experiment.

Science and Technology Research News (STRN), Science Bulletin, and ScienMag picked up a UC release and noted the Lab’s partnership with the university on Berkeley Quantum.
Association for Computer Machinery quoted Jonathan Ajo-Franklin (EESA) on the signal-to-noise ratio in fiber sensors in relation to USGS seismometers.
Millenium Post (India) mentioned Patrick Naulleau’s (MSD) participation in a workshop on Nano/Micro 2D and 3D fabrication technology.
Rapid City Journal mentioned the Lab’s SIGMA-V experiment and the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) on deep impacts of geothermal fracking.
The Weather Network cited Will Gorman (ETA) in a piece on pollution and self-driving cars.
Vox quoted Ben Hoen (ETA) in a piece on advances in wind turbine technology.
The TechWomen exchange hosted by the Lab was covered by InsideHPC.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) online cited Michael Wehner (CRD) and the Lab in a piece on the growing cost and danger of Atlantic hurricanes.

Boston Commons mentioned  Jinghua Guo (ALS), Xueli Zheng (MF), and Ali Javey (MF) in a piece on artificial photosynthesis.
Chicago Business cited the Lab’s role in advancing quantum mechanics and the birth of Silicon Valley.

All Together cited former Lab intern Sanjana Shah as a winner of the SWENext Global Innovator Award from the Society of Women Engineers.