Friday, October 26, 2018

Week Ending October 26

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Symmetry Magazine mentioned the Lab’s LUX-ZEPLIN project, covered in a Lab release.  
Symmetry also covered a Lab video on the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) to map the universe in 3D, which was picked up by Axios, Under Technology and others, resulting in 9,000+ views of the video.
Science Daily covered a Joint Genome Institute release on building a genetic profile for a section of Aspergillus fungi.
Window on the Sky covered the Lab release on Titan’s atmospheric chemistry and implications for other moons and planets.
The Energy Institute Blog (HAAS) wrote about Paul Berdahl’s (ETA) work on Egyptian blue, a reflective pigment.

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

American Physical Society announced Barbara Jacak (NSD) as the winner of the Tom W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics for leadership in the discovery and characterization of the quark-gluon plasma.

The Guardian cited a Lab report on the estimated energy requirements of U.S. data centers in 2020.

Forbes included a graphic from the Lab on trends in utility scale solar technology, performance, and pricing.

Inside HPC and Machine Design mentioned the Lab’s supercomputing facilities and ESNet in a piece on the record-setting transfer of 1 petabyte of data.

The Associated Press, wtop, Government Technology and Industrial Equipment News published an article by Boston University researchers and Will Gorman (ETA) on electric grid transformation and the pollution potential of self-driving cars.

Maven’s Notebook published a comprehensive feature on a presentation by Peter Fiske (EESA), Peter Nico (EESA), Chinmayee Subban (ETA), and Dan Miller (CSD) on innovative solutions for California’s water supply.

The Next Platform mentioned Lab work on building a quantum device in a piece on large-scale quantum simulators.

Physics World quoted Dev Millstein (ETA) on offshore wind development in the US.  

Mary Scott (MF) was featured in a blog on Medium by Brooke Kuei (ALS) on electron tomography and converting 2D images into 3D structures.

Vatican News reported the appointment of Steven Chu as a new member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

This Week in FM cited a Lab report on the growth in demand for air conditioning.

Uber Engineering mentioned the Lab in connection with visualization and machine learning in a piece on open source collaboration and innovation related to their November Open Summit.

A blog on Medium featured Cyclotron Road and similar innovation centers at Argonne and Oak Ridge supporting scientist entrepreneurs.

Industry Chronicle reported on x-ray experiments at SLAC and the Lab that could improve battery design and facilitate a new generation of lithium-ion batteries.

Building Green quoted Charlie Curcija (ETA) on the breakthroughs required for high-performance vacuum-insulated glazing for glass.

Woodlands Online, The Paper (Texas) and Fairfax County Times (Virginia) mentioned Lab findings on the percentage of residential electricity used for powering appliances in standby mode.
Planetizen cited a Lab report on growth in U.S. renewable electricity generation and capacity.
Natural News reported Lab research on how the human body mounts a defense against invading pathogens.
New England Real Estate Journal listed the Lab and Sandia as collaborators in a Commercial PV Property Appraiser Survey assessing methods of valuing commercial properties with PV systems, current trends, and factors in market adoption.