Friday, October 5, 2018

Week Ending October 5

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Physics World,, Cosmos Magazine, and Nature Middle East covered a new study by Bill Collins and Dan Feldman (EESA) on methane and the greenhouse effect.

Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine published a Lab release on David McCallen’s (EESA) work on assessing earthquake hazards.

The UC Berkeley Cal Alumni Association’s California Magazine featured an article about the launch of Berkeley Quantum. NextBigFuture also reported on the quantum award.
HPC Wire mentioned the Lab as a partner to ORNL researchers advancing quantum computing, and Semiconductor Engineering reported on the award received last week to build an Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT).

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Nature published a neuroscience review article by William Jagust (MBIB) on imaging the evolution and pathophysiology of Alzheimer disease.

Bhavna Arora (EESA) was featured in a NewsDeeply piece on the water quality impacts of shrinking snowpack.
ABC 7 interviewed Rob Richie (MSD) on the failing beams at SF’s new Transit Center.

BusinessGreen quoted Michael Wehner (CRD) in coverage of a UN report on global warming.

Marcus Noack (CRD) was quoted in NBC news, Euronews, and OnlyInfoTech for his work on the simulation hypothesis.

Science News for Students reported on Steve Singer’s (BSE) work on biofuels.

The Lab was cited in a piece by Semiconductor Today on mid-wavelength infrared detection.

HPC Wire quoted Kathy Yelick and Aydin Buluç in a piece on machine learning and NERSC that also mentioned Leonid Oliker (all CRD).

Eva Nogales (MBIB) was quoted in a BioMedicine piece on identifying a key mechanism in genetic inheritance during cell division.

The Lab and NGEE-Tropics was mentioned in a piece on funding for tropical forest research in Eos.

Neokosmos and SOTT mentioned Arunima Balan and Joseph Swabeck (MSD) in a piece on quantum blue, a color created using nanoparticles.

Gulf Times quoted
Ronnen Levinson (ETA) on paints that can keep buildings cooler.

The Daily Cal mentioned the Lab in a piece on a UC Berkeley study on black holes.

Jennifer Granholm (ETA) was the first mention in a CleanTechnica article on potential candidates for Tesla’s Board of Directors.

The Lab was mentioned in a EIN News piece about Columbia University postdocs voting to unionize with UAW.

Jaxenter reported on a three-way collaboration of Cray, Intel, and NERSC to harness the power of deep learning to understand deep space.

Door and Window Market Magazine mentioned the Lab’s high-performance windows in a piece on zero-energy homes.

In covering a USAID workshop on renewable energy in Pakistan, The Nation, Dispatch News Desk, The News, News Pakistan, and Corridor mentioned contributions from the Lab.