Friday, September 28, 2018

Week Ending September 28

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Tunisie Soir reported on a Lab release on a study by Bill Collins and Dan Feldman (EESA) on methane’s contributions to solar energy absorption and the greenhouse effect. (Sept. 27)

A series of Lab announcements on DOE awards to the Lab for quantum computing was widely covered in the media, including HPCwire, Courthouse News Service, The Daily Cal, and FedScoop. Jonathan Carter (Computing) and Irfan Siddiqi (MSD) are quoted in many of the reports. (Sept. 24)

A Lab release on a new project to use quantum sensors to probe for dark matter was picked up by R&D Magazine. (Sept. 25)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

A Greentech Media piece on the solar industry cited a Lab report. (Sept. 28)

A China Daily report on building emissions mentioned the China Better Buildings Program, in which the Lab is a partner. (Sept. 28)

Science quoted Ronnen Levinson (ETA) in a piece on “cooling paint.” PrimeTimes India also ran the piece. (Sept. 27)

Waterworld picked up a UT Austin release on a new EFRC for water purification, which includes the Lab as a collaborator. (Sept. 27)

An HPCwire report on Argonne’s leadership at CERN mentioned the Lab as a collaborator. (Sept. 27)  

MIT Technology Review reported that a geothermal startup - whose founders are currently fellows at the Lab’s Cyclotron Road program - will receive funding from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund. LLodo also ran the piece. (Sept. 26)

GreenBiz featured a Lab report on air conditioners in an article on market failures and AC industry innovation. (Sept. 26)

Berkeleyside reported that two winners of the Lab’s science slam will be at its annual Uncharted Ideas Festival. (Sept. 25)
Evan Mills (ETA) co-authored an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle advocating for insurance reform due to climate change in California. (Sept. 24)

A Greentech Media feature on all-electric buildings at universities mentioned one being built at the Lab. (Sept. 24)

In a piece on solar permitting and energy storage, PV Magazine cited a recent report by the Lab that the United States has some of the most expensive residential solar power in the world. (Sept. 24)

Evan Mills’ 2012 study on energy usage by the cannabis industry was cited by Investing News. (Sept. 23)

NextBigFuture cited a Lab report on the wind market. (Sept. 22)

Sean Peisert (CRD) and Ciaran Roberts (ETA) are quoted in a piece on a Lab project on grid cybersecurity. (Sept. 21)

Pvbuzz cited the latest “Tracking the Sun” report by the Lab in a piece on the decline in residential installed solar prices. (Sept. 21)