Friday, September 21, 2018

Week Ending September 21

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

A Lab feature on Heather Crawford (NSD) and her work on gamma rays was covered in TechExplorist. (Sept. 15)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Colin Ophus (MF) is quoted in a feature story in Wired about transmission electron microscopes. (Sept. 21)

California Magazine wrote a feature on Omar Yaghi (MSD) and metal-organic frameworks. (Sept. 20)

PV Magazine, CleanTechnica, PV Buzz, and others covered the Lab’s latest Tracking the Sun report on the solar industry. (Sept. 20)

The sighting of a mountain lion near the Lab was reported in Berkeleyside and NBC Bay Area. (Sept. 20)

The University Network published a list highlighting 10 “Women Killin’ It In STEM Fields,” which included Haruko Wainwright (EESA). (Sept. 19)

Prabhat (NERSC) is mentioned as a finalist for the Gordon Bell Prize in InsideHPC; HPCwire describes his project, using the Summit supercomputer to study extreme weather, as well as that of Andre Walker-Loud and Pavlos Vranas (NSD). (Sept. 18)

The Daily Cal ran an opinion piece on discrimination on campus, written by the attorney representing a woman who has filed a discrimination case against the Lab. (Sept. 18)

A article on the procs and cons of hydropower cited a recent Lab study on the subject. (Sept. 18)

Jay Keasling (JBEI), Héctor García Martín (BSE), and Jill Banfield (EESA) are either mentioned or quoted in a New Yorker magazine feature article on termites. (Sept. 17)

Green Car Congress covered a study on lithium ion batteries that involved SLAC, the Lab, and the Advanced Light Source. (Sept. 17)

The Sacramento Bee, LA Daily News, the Daily Cal, and others covered a tentative deal between the nurses’ union and UC, which covers some staff at the Lab. (Sept. 15)

Michael Wehner (CRD) and colleagues forecast how much Hurricane Florence’s rain may have been made worse by climate change; his results were reported in Bloomberg, Politico, Huffington Post, Grist, and others.