Friday, August 24, 2018

Week Ending August 24

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Market Business News, Inside Climate News, North American Windpower, Axios, and others covered a Lab release on a wind market report; some of the articles quoted Ryan Wiser and Mark Bolinger (ETA). (Aug. 24)

Utility Dive ran a column on wind turbines by Ryan Wiser, Mark Bolinger, Ben Hoen, and Bentham Paulos. (Aug. 23)

The Environmental News Network picked up a Lab release on a study of home IAQ monitors. (Aug. 22)

UPI picked up a Lab release on the greening Arctic, which ran in Breitbart and quoted Trevor Keenan (EESA). (Aug. 21)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Articles in Axios on Hurricane Lane and in the Dallas News on hurricanes in general cited a Lab study on Hurricane Harvey’s rainfall. (Aug. 24)

The Post-Journal cited a Lab study on thirdhand smoke in a news item on a childcare smoking law. (Aug. 23)

Charles Koven (EESA) is quoted in stories in National Geographic on the thawing of Arctic permafrost and also in news articles in the Houston Chronicle and Alaska Public Media on a study on permafrost emissions (Aug. 20-22).

KPCC, a Southern California Public Radio station, quoted physicist Carl Pennypacker in a segment about the Lab’s involvement in a new wildfire detection platform called Fuego. (Aug. 22)

The Daily Caller and Axios ran stories on DOE investing in research on alternatives to cobalt for batteries, and mentioned the Lab’s research. (Aug. 20)