Friday, August 17, 2018

Week Ending August 17

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Technology Networks, Radiology Business, and Health Imaging covered up a Lab release on light-emitting nanoparticles, work done at the Molecular Foundry. (Aug. 16)

The University Network, Civil + Structural Engineer, Water Canada, GCN, The Hindu, and others covered a Lab release on a new algorithm to track groundwater contamination; many of the articles quoted Haruko Wainwright (EESA). (Aug. 14)

The Arkansas Farm Bureau produced a video on the Lab’s smart farm project, a collaboration with the University of Arkansas and covered in a Lab release in March. (Aug. 14) and Space Daily covered a Lab release on research to “squeeze” nanocrystals to change their phase, led by Tom Russell (MSD) and Brett Helms (MF). (Aug. 13)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

A 2016 Lab report on data center energy consumption is cited in an MIT Technology Review article. (Aug. 17)

Horst Simon is quoted in an Analytics India Magazine article on the death of Moore’s Law. (Aug. 16)

Ramamoorthy Ramesh is quoted in a Facility Executive piece on energy efficient buildings. (Aug. 16)

A San Francisco Business Times story on UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck mentions the Lab. (Aug. 16)

A Utility Dive article on renewables mandates cites a Lab study. (Aug. 16)

A Lab study is cited in an article about vaping in The Urban Twist. (Aug. 16)

Michael Wehner (CRD) is quoted in an news item on wildfires and climate change. (Aug. 16)

The Guardian references the late Art Rosenfeld’s comments about dark roofs in an article about urban heat island effects. (Aug. 15)

Evolving Science highlights research into non-invasive cell imaging at the Advanced Light Source by Lab scientists Cynthia McMurray (MBIB) and Michael Martin (ALS). (Aug. 15)

Green Car Congress covered a DOE announcement on hydrogen and fuel cell funding, including $1M for a Lab project. (Aug. 14)

A Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled “The Phony Numbers Behind California’s Solar Mandate” cited a Lab report on solar panel pricing. The Daily Caller ran a similar piece, also citing the Lab report.  (Aug. 12) featured Carl Pennypacker (PH) and FUEGO, a proposed system for early wildfire detection. (Aug. 11)