Friday, June 8, 2018

Week Ending June 8

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

The Arizona Republic quotes the Lab’s Omar Yaghi in a report on harvesting water from air. The report relates to an April 2017 Lab release. (June 8)

Pouya Vahmani and Andrew Jones were quoted in a San Jose Mercury story on their study on how cool roofs can save water, covered in a Lab release. (June 4)

IEEE GlobalSpec picked up a Lab release about using machine learning to accelerate bioengineering. (June 2)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Science highlights the leading mayoral candidate for Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, who is a former Lab researcher. The article quotes the Lab’s Lynn Price, an energy scientist. (June 7).

The Daily Cal notes the Lab’s use of goats to curb wildfire risks, linking to a Lab video. (June 6)

The Los Angeles Times, NPR, National Geographic, UPI, the Independent, Business Insider, and others quote the Lab’s Christina Patricola, whose discussion in Nature News and Views relates to a study about how tropical cyclones have been traveling at slower speeds over the past seven decades, concentrating the destruction they wreak. (June 6)

Photonics Online picks up a Lab CRD press release about an algorithm developed to improve an image-reconstruction technique. (June 4), in a review of a book highlighting high-profile cyber attacks, mentions former Lab scientist Clifford Stoll’s book, The Cuckoo’s Egg. (June 4)

The San Francisco Business Times wrote about a new partnership between UCSF and national labs to use supercomputers to study traumatic brain injuries (subscription required). (June 1)

Space Daily quotes the Lab’s Jeffrey Cain in a study on how to stack and stitch 2-D materials together. (June 1)