Friday, June 29, 2018

Week Ending June 29

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Physics World and The American Ceramic Society wrote about the Lab’s “super window,” quoting Steve Selkowitz (ETA). (June 27)

The Daily Cal picked up Lab news on six scientists receiving DOE Early Career Award Program grants, quoting Colin Ophus (MF) and Dan Dwyer (PH). (June 24)

Engadget covered a Lab discovery on microlasers, featuring its potential in controlling neuron activity in the brain; Medgadget also picked up the news. (June 23)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Greentech Media covered DOE’s awards for solar desalination project, and mentioned the Lab’s project, which was awarded $800,000. (June 28)

Peter Fiske (EESA) is quoted in a Nature news article on a collaboration between a water company and a small applied science university in the UK. (June 27)

The Stanford Daily reported on the Silicon Valley Energy Summit, and mentioned Doug Black (ETA) as one of the notable speakers. (June 27)

Inside Climate News reported on lawsuits filed by 11 states against the Trump Administration over climate super-pollutants used in cooling, and cited a study by the Lab published in Nature. (June 27)

The San Francisco Business Times (subscription required) reports that Aclima, a sensor startup with a partnership with the Lab, has raised $24 million in funding. (June 26)

Horst Simon and Erich Strohmaier (CRD) are mentioned in a Washington Post opinion piece on the TOP500 supercomputer list as well as in The Register (UK) and ITWire. Xinhua’s report quoted Hongzhang Shan (CRD). Simon was also mentioned in an HPCWire wrap-up of ISC2018.  (June 25)

An opinion piece in Bloomberg on offshore wind potential cited a recent Lab report. (June 25)