Friday, June 15, 2018

Week Ending June 15

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Durability + Design and Green Building Advisor covered a Lab release on its energy efficient “super windows,” quoting Steve Selkowitz and Charlie Curcija (ETA). (June 12)

USA Today wrote about interstellar dust research, covered in a University of Hawaii press release adapted by the Lab. The article quotes the James Ciston (Foundry). The result was also covered by the Daily Cal, IFLScience, Tech Times, the Daily Mail, Inquisitr, and others. (June 12)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Mina Bissell (BSE) is quoted in a Nature news article on cancer research. (June 15)

A TechGenYZ piece on top solar techs cites a Lab report on renewable energy. (June 15)

A Lab report on solar adoption is cited in a Utility Dive story on distributed solar expanding. (June 14)

A ThinkProgress piece on a DOE report on how it’s cheaper to drive an EV than gas-powered car cited a Lab report vehicle-to-grid charging. (June 13)

KGO reported on a new PG&E policy that in cases of extreme fire danger it may cut power as a preventative measure, and the Lab is mentioned as being in an affected zone. (June 13)

A commentary in U.S. News & World Report on how G-7 leaders can push for relief from global warming cited a Lab study on air conditioner efficiency. (June 11)

Omar Yaghi (MSD) is quoted in an Express (UK) story on his new study using MOFs to extract water from desert air.  (June 11)

NERSC is cited in a Space Daily report on a new study from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory on fusion reactions. (June 11)

Lee Bernstein (NSD) is quoted in an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on the winning bid by UC and Texas A&M to manage Los Alamos National Lab. (June 8)

An opinion piece in the Washington Post on Virginia’s offshore wind resources cited a Lab report. (June 8)