Friday, June 1, 2018

Week Ending June 1

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Xinhua, InsideHPC, and Nvidia’s Newscenter covered a Lab release on a team that used supercomputers to better understand a neutron’s lifetime. (May 31)

Tech Explorist, Biofuels Digest, and Biofuels International picked up a Lab release on using machine learning to predict the amount of biofuel produced by microbes. (May 31)

A 2013 Lab study on thirdhand smoke is cited in an article in BUILDINGS. (May 30)

Nanowerk covered a Lab release on a spintronics discovery led by Andreas Schmid and Gong Chen. (May 29)

A Chemistry World story on structural color quoted Raymond Weitekamp and mentioned a Lab project on a polymer window coating, featured in a 2016 Lab release. (May 25)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Cynthia McMurray is quoted in a Nature feature on Huntington’s disease. (May 30)

Lane Martin and his work on pyroelectrics are highlighted in a Yale Environment 360 feature on waste heat. (May 29)

A Washington Post column on how to stop the sun from bleaching out your home cites a website on window coverings developed by the Lab. (May 29)

Greentech Media and PV Magazine covered a new Lab study finding EVs could help California save billions in energy storage investment, quoting co-author Sam Saxena. Co-author Jonathan Coignard was quoted in a Digital Trends article on the same study. (May 29)

A Greentech Media piece on renewable energy prices cites a Lab study. (May 29)

A Quartz article on offshore wind in the Atlantic cited a recent Lab report on the topic. (May 27)

David Bailey and Marcos Lopez de Prado were interviewed for a column in Forbes on “the greatest financial fraud in history” due to financial firms using dubious analytical techniques. (May 25)

A Wirecutter/Engadget article on the best air conditioner quotes Max Sherman. (May 25)