Monday, June 25, 2018

Week Ending June 22

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

A discovery at JBEI of a new way to synthesize DNA was covered widely, including in Science magazine, Cosmos, STAT (subscription required), The Daily Mail (UK), Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, LiveScience,  ZME Science, EFE (Spanish), The Scientist, GenomeWeb, The Daily Cal, and others. Dan Arlow, Sebastian Palluk, and Jay Keasling were quoted in some of the articles. The Daily Mail also picked up the Lab video on the research.

Research from the Molecular Foundry to create microlasers was covered in Nature, TechExplorist, and The articles quoted Jim Schuck and Angel Fernandez-Bravo (MF). (June 19)

Space Daily covered Lab research on the lifetime of a neutron, quoting Andre Walker-Loud and Chia Cheng "Jason" Chang (NSD). (June 18)

The NY Post covered research by the U. of Hawaii conducted at the Lab on interstellar dust research and quoted Jim Ciston (MF). (June 15)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

An HPCWire story on storage for high-performance computing cited a NERSC report. (June 21)

Utility Dive cited a Lab report on renewables penetration. (June 21)

The Daily Cal covered a study from UC Berkeley and the Lab on prospecting of soil microbes for potential new antibiotics. (June 21)

A feature article in Nature Chemistry on element 118 (oganesson) touched on the Lab’s history with the element, in which claims had to be retracted. (June 21)

Uber’s announcement that it would pay drivers a premium for driving hybrid and electric vehicles was accompanied by a corporate Uber blog post citing a Lab report on shared mobility, which was then picked up by CleanTechnica, EcoWatch, and others. (June 20)

A Greentech Media article on DOE recommendations for post-Maria Puerto Rico cited Lab data on the island’s utility company. (June 20)

The Tech Times writes about how Lab-invented technology that led to an audio digitalization project is being used to help preserve Native American languages. The Daily Mail also wrote about this effort, quoting Carl Haber (PH). (June 21)