Friday, May 25, 2018

Week Ending May 25

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

ZDNet and Healthcare Finance reported on a Lab study that discovered how defects in diamonds could improve MRI and NMR imaging. The study was also covered in Germany’s Medizin Elektronik, which quoted Ashok Ajoy.

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

InsideHPC ran an interview with Jason Zurawski of ESnet. (May 25)

An MIT Technology Review article on solar energy in California quotes Andrew Mills and also cites two recent Lab studies -- one on how EVs will impact the grid and another on electricity pricing. (May 24)

Joachim Seel, Andrew Mills, and Ryan Wiser co-authored a piece published in GreenBiz and The Conversation on their new report on how electricity prices will be affected by increasing amounts of renewable sources of energy. (May 23)

Jeff Greenblatt was quoted in an India Today story covering a new Lab study on how EVs can help the grid. Co-authors Jonathan Coignard and Sam Saxena were quoted in Engineer News Network, ECN, and Utility Dive. (May 23)

Science Trends reported on a new paper on soil respiration and earth system model; Trevor Keenan is a co-author. (May 23)

The Joint Genome Institute was cited in a KTVH (Montana) news item on the discovery of a new lineage of microbes in Yellowstone National Park. (May 23)

Paul Ashby is quoted in a Wired piece on scanning probe microscopes. (May 23)

Horst Simon is mentioned in an HPCwire piece on ISC High Performance appointing a new program chair. (May 23)

Ben Hoen co-authored a guest blog in Green Building Advisor on public objections to wind farms. (May 22)

A Green Biz column on data center energy use quoted a 2016 Lab report. (May 22)

A Wired piece on developing a better battery mentions the Lab being part of a silicon anode consortium. (May 22)

The Lab’s China Energy Group is mentioned in a Radio Free Asia item on China’s coal consumption. (May 21)

KPVI (Idaho) ran an item on a team from Idaho State University coming to the Lab on a computing sciences fellowship to work with Xiaoye Sherry Li. (May 21)

Greentech Media cited a Lab report in an analysis of California’s new solar mandate. (May 21)