Friday, May 18, 2018

Week Ending May 18

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

The Bakersfield Californian ran a story on Kern County being the wind turbine capital of the world, based on a wind turbine map co-developed by the Lab. (May 17)

GenomeWeb picked up a Lab release on a new study led by Adam Arkin, Adam Deutschbauer, and Matthew Blow on gene function. Deutschbauer was interviewed by Nature Podcast (starting around the 15:05 mark). (May 16)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

A new Lab report on how electricity prices will be affected by increasing amounts of solar and wind was widely covered, including in Vox, EnergyWire, pv magazine, Windpower Monthly, Renewables Now, and Greentech Media, which quoted co-author Joachim Seel. (May 16-18)

Jon Koomey is quoted in ThinkProgress and NBCNews pieces on bitcoin energy use. (May 17)

A Microsoft study on efficiencies in its cloud computing cites a Lab report, according to Bloomberg. (May 17)

An InsideHPC interview with a Sandia National Lab scientist on exascale computing mentioned Sherri Li. (May 14)

William Fisk is cited in a Forbes column on indoor air pollutants. (May 14)

A PCWorld article on Intel’s Loihi chip cited a Lab paper from 2009 on a supercomputer simulation of a cat’s brain. (May 14)