Friday, May 11, 2018

Week Ending May 11

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

The Washington Post ran an analysis piece on the location of U.S. wind turbines, based on a new database co-developed by the Lab. (May 11)

Kathy Yelick is quoted in a Daily Cal article on Project Jupyter’s award from the Association of Computing Machinery. (May 3)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Jay Keasling is profiled in an MIT Tech Review piece titled, “The scientist still fighting for the clean fuel the world forgot.” (May 10)

Hugo Destaillats was quoted in a Washington Post article on a study from Drexel University on thirdhand smoke from outdoors seeping into classrooms. The article also ran in the Chicago Tribune, the South China Morning Post, and Newsday.  (May 9)

HPCWire ran an article on data management at NERSC and quoted Thorsten Kurth and Quincey Koziol. (May 9)

The Energy Collective covered a recent report from the Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Group on the value of Atlantic offshore wind. (May 8)

The Santa Fe New Mexican looks at the candidates to manage Los Alamos National Lab, including UC partnered with Texas A&M. (May 8)

Science Trends reported on a new study co-authored by George Moridis and involving the Lab’s TOUGH code on estimating methane hydrate reserves. (May 7)

The Lab’s “Tracking the Sun” report is cited in a San Francisco Chronicle report on California’s proposed solar mandate. (May 7)

Salon ran a Scientific American article, which quoted Trevor Keenan, on how trees sweat to keep cool. (May 7)

Ben Hoen and Joseph Rand co-authored a piece in The Conversation, republished in Salon, on public objections to wind farms. (May 7)