Friday, April 27, 2018

Week Ending April 27

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:'s Stem Rising blog picked up a Lab feature on Tracy Mattox’ “Nancy Nano” cartoon for kids. (April 25)

Peter Fiske, Peter Nico, and Erica Woodburn were interviewed for a KCRA (Sacramento) special on California’s water future; the coverage followed a Lab release on Woodburn’s project modeling the Cosumnes River watershed. (April 24)

A Lab release on a breakthrough at the Molecular Foundry that could make solar panels more efficient was covered in CleanTechnica. It was also picked up in Power Technology, New Atlas, and Nanowerk News. Bruce Cohen was quoted in UPI’s article on the topic. (April 24)

GCN covered a Lab release on a new wind turbine database. (April 23)

A National Academies report recommending a strong role for the national labs in the “second laser revolution,” covered by a Lab feature article, was picked up by Space Daily and ExecutiveGov. (April 23)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

David McCallen is featured in an InsideHPC item on his project using exascale computing for earthquake simulations. (April 27)

WIRED talked to Daniel Slaughter for comments about a study that explored the chemical bond between a single pair of atoms. (April 27)

Eva Nogales was quoted in a Newsweek article on her Nature study describing the structure of telomerase. (April 26)

Ernie Majer was quoted in a Nature news article on an earthquake in South Korea probably triggered by a geothermal plant. (April 26)

ArsTechnica covered a Lab report on the value of offshore wind. (April 26)

Chemistry World wrote about a paper published by John Arnold on actinide-metal complexes. (April 26)

San Francisco Business Times wrote about Jennifer Doudna’s CRISPR startup, Mammoth Biosciences [subscription required for full article]. (April 26)

The Daily Iowan cited a Lab study on the value of homes with solar panels. (April 25)

An NRDC post on air conditioning in India, which also ran in India’s Business Standard, cited a Lab report. (April 25)

U.S. News & World Report cited a Lab study on IT energy use  in a feature on sustainable investing. (April 24)

Michael Wehner is quoted in a Vox Earth Day feature on new things scientists have learned about the planet in the last year. (April 23)

The Motley Fool cited a Lab report on residential solar in a feature on recommended home upgrades. (April 23)

Forbes cited a Lab report on the median income of households with solar in a column on opportunity for solar in low/moderate income homes. (April 23)

Forbes uses a Lab-developed Earth systems model in an article about DOE labs studying extreme climate and weather. (April 23)

Arman Shehabi is cited in a USA Today piece on energy use by Google, Amazon data centers. (April 22)