Friday, April 20, 2018

Week Ending April 20

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

CleanTechnica and North American Wind Power picked up a Lab release on a new wind turbine database. (April 19)

Natural News wrote about the Lab’s “smart farm” test bed in Arkansas, previously covered in a Lab release. (April 18)

TechExplorist covered a Lab release on a Valleytronics discovery that could have implications for Moore’s Law. (April 14)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

EnergyWire, CleanTechnica, and The Energy Collective covered a new report from the Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Group on the value of Atlantic offshore wind; CleanTechnica ran a related column the following day on the Energy Department’s promotion of offshore wind and cited the report. (April 17-18)

Solar Industry covered a new report from the Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Group on the income trends of residential solar adopters. (April 18)

The Lab contributed to an NREL-led report on the solar opportunity in low-income housing, picked up by Solar Power World. (April 18)

Green Car Congress, V3, covered a UC Berkeley release on a study led by Gerbrand Ceder that found an alternative to using cobalt in lithium batteries. (April 16)

East Bay Today, Cal State East Bay’s publication, ran a feature on Ruth Tinnacher’s effort to find a way to store radioactive waste; it reported she’ll be collaborating with Lab scientists, including Patricia Fox. (April 16)

An ABC10 piece on cool pavements in Sacramento cited a report by the Lab’s Heat Island Group. (April 16)

Foreign Affairs published an interview with Jennifer Doudna. (May/June issue)