Friday, March 9, 2018

Week Ending March 9

Bo Hang was quoted in a Xinhua article on a new study on the health risks of thirdhand smoke, which was covered in a Lab release. Tech Explorist also covered the study. (March 9)

Ben Hoen is quoted in a Vox story on new wind turbines. (March 8)

Brett Helms is quoted in a Science Magazine story on a UK startup working on lithium-sulfur batteries. (March 8)

PV Magazine covered the discovery of a novel state of manganese, which has implications for sodium batteries, and quoted Wanli Yang. The work was covered in a Lab release. (March 8)

The Daily Cal wrote about the Lab’s study on the damage wrought to Puerto Rico’s forests by Hurricane Maria. Jeff Chambers was quoted in a New York Times story on the topic. (March 7)

A Lab release on work done at the Advanced Light Source to unravel a possible chemical path for the building blocks to life was covered in Popular Mechanics, Newsweek, the Daily Cal, the News Recorder, The Register, Space Daily, and Astrobiology magazine. Most of the stories also quoted Musahid Ahmed. (March 6)

Juan Pablo Carvallo is quoted in a Grist story on nuclear energy. (March 6)

InsideHPC wrote about a networking innovation award for the project connecting the UC Santa Cruz’s Hyades supercomputer to NERSC; Peter Nugent was part of the team. (March 6)

An article in The Next Platform on DOE plans for exascale computing mentioned the Lab. (March 6)

A Yale Climate Connections piece on wind power cited a Lab report on the impact of wind power on property values. (March 6)

The Inquisitr wrote about an artificial photosynthesis study by a Boston College researcher that was done at the Advanced Light Source. (March 6)

A column in Forbes on saving energy at home cited a Lab study on white roofs. (March 6)

Evan Mills’ report on the carbon footprint of indoor cannabis production is cited in a Forbes column on the energy consumption of the industry. (March 5)

Xinhua highlights a study on a new catalyst for artificial photosynthesis, which featured X-ray experiments at Berkeley Lab. (March 5)

CBC News of Canada and The Guardian ran obituaries of Richard Taylor, a Nobelist in physics who spent a year at the Lab. (March 5)

NERSC and the Lab were mentioned in a Gizmodo article on gravitational lensing. (March 3)

The Lab is mentioned in an in-depth East Bay Express article on UC’s bid to renew its contract to manage Los Alamos National Lab. (Feb. 28)