Friday, March 30, 2018

Week Ending March 30

Green Car Congress, Tech Explorist, and CleanTechnica covered a Lab release on automated electric taxis. Some of the articles quoted Jeff Greenblatt and Brian Gerke, two of the co-authors of the study. (March 30)

Tech Explorist covered a Lab release on sugar-coated nanosheets to selectively target pathogens. (March 29)

MarketWatch asks how close to reality any of the technology in “Black Panther” is to reality and cites a palladium-glass micro alloy developed at the Lab as a material somewhat similar to vibranium. (March 29)

Xinhua News quotes Berkeley Lab’s Boris Faybishenko in a report on a water treatment technology. (March 29)

Secretary Perry’s visit to the Lab was the subject of an in-depth article in Greenwire, which quoted Branden Brough and Caroline Ajo-Franklin. It was also mentioned in ABC7, Washington Examiner, The Stanford Daily, and Politico. (March 28)

Panda Security ran a profile of cybersecurity expert Soledad Antelada. (March 28)

Kathryn Zurek is quoted in a LiveScience story commenting on a new dark matter study. (March 28)

A Triple Pundit piece on Rick Perry’s support for ARPA-E mentioned a Lab biofuel project. (March 28)

A Hartford Business story on an important state energy bill in Connecticut cites a Lab study on net metering. (March 28)

An ORNL release on an antineutrino study involving Lab scientists was covered in New Atlas, Space Daily, and GeekWire. (March 27)

Vince Battaglia was interviewed on KTVU News for a story about a Tesla crashing and catching on fire. (March 27)

Sean Peisert, Dan Arnold, and Ciaran Roberts were quoted in an IEEE Spectrum story on cybersecurity on the grid. (March 27)

Motherboard, Tech Explorist, 3D Printing Industry, LiveScience, and R&D Magazine covered a Lab release on the ability to print 3-D structures out of liquid. Tom Russell is quoted in some of the pieces. (March 27)

Green Car Congress, Eurasia Review, Transportation Today,, and Biomass Magazine covered a Lab release on a JBEI discovery led by Harry Beller of an enzyme that will enable microbial production of bio-based toluene. (March 27)

The Hindu Business Line cited a study involving Daithi Stone that discusses a link between anthropogenic emissions and extreme rainfall events. (March 27)

ScienceNode picked up a Lab release on the farm project in Arkansas. (March 26)

A Greenbiz story on tech incubators at national labs mentioned Cyclotron Road. (March 26) wrote about the hardness of parrotfish teeth, the subject of a study at the Advanced Light Source. (March 26)

Astronomy Now quotes the Lab’s David Khatami in a report on fast-evolving supernovae. (March 26)