Friday, March 2, 2018

Week Ending March 2

A UC Newsroom feature on undergrads featured Ankur Mahesh, who has a research position at the Lab. (March 2)

Space Daily ran a Lab release on a new study by Peter Nugent on supernovae. (March 2)

Wanli Yang was quoted in a NewElectronics wrote about the discovery of a novel state of manganese, which has implications for sodium batteries. The work was covered in a Lab release. (March 1) covered the upgrade of a Kitt Peak telescope for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) project that is led by Berkeley Lab. Michael Levi and David Schlegel were quoted. (March 1)

The Joint Genome Institute contributed to a microbe discovery by Ohio State, which was covered in R&D Magazine. (March 1)

Alan Meier is quoted in an article in the UCSB Current on a new report supporting UCOP’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative. (Feb. 27)

Frederik Schulz of the Joint Genome Institute is cited in a ScienceNews article on giant viruses. (Feb. 27)

The Savannah Morning News wrote about a $2.6-million NIH grant on cholesterol awarded to Gang Ren and collaborator Jinping Li of the Mercer University School of Medicine. The story also mentions the Molecular Foundry, where the pair have a cancer-related project. (Feb. 26)

Science News wrote about the search for a theorized, as-yet-unseen process in neutrinos that would explain why the universe favors matter over antimatter. The article mentions Lab-connected experiments including Majorana and CUORE, and quotes Lab and UC physicist Yury Kolomensky. (Feb. 26)

Paul Alivisatos is quoted in a Berkeleyside story about UC Berkeley slashing its deficit. (Feb. 26)

James Sethian, Daniel Pelt, and Carolyn Larabell are quoted in articles in SpaceDaily and GCN on machine learning with limited data, the subject of a Lab release last week. (Feb. 23)