Friday, February 9, 2018

Week Ending Feb. 9

BBC News covered a study published in Nature on the genetics of citrus fruit, in which the Joint Genome Institute was a collaborator. Guohong Albert Wu was quoted. (Feb. 8)

KCBS ran a story on a Lab project with Lawrence Livermore to use supercomputers to predict earthquake damage. NBC Bay Area, InsideHPC, and Science Daily ran similar stories, based on an LLNL news release. (Feb. 8)

Horst Simon is quoted in a Science Magazine piece on the race with China to build an exascale computer. (Feb. 7)

Green Car Congress covered a Lab release on a project to make blockchains more robust. (Feb. 7)

A Utility Dive piece on distributed energy sources cites a recent Lab study on distributed solar and quotes Andrew Mills. (Feb. 6)

The Sonoma Press Democrat ran a feature on a project by the Sonoma Ecology Center to collect photos taken during the fires, part of a larger proposed project with the Lab on fire resilience. (Feb. 6)

A Forbes opinion piece on cybersecurity on the grid mentioned a Lab project to develop grid sensors. (Feb. 6)

CleanTechnica wrote about a discovery for better organic solar cells, quoting Steven Louie. The study was covered in a Lab release. (Feb. 5)

David Fridley was interviewed by Radio Free Asia on China’s energy efficiency claims. (Feb. 5)

The Energy Collective cited a 2017 Lab report on energy efficient buildings. (Feb. 5)

The Daily Caller cited a Lab study on Hurricane Harvey in its analysis of how climate change doesn’t increase hurricane rainfall. (Feb. 5)

The Daily Cal profiled Elias Sebti, who worked as a student researcher at the Lab last summer with Vince Battaglia, who was also quoted. (Feb. 3)

Peter Nico is quoted in a Capital Press article on groundwater recharge in California. (Feb. 2)

Space Daily picked up a Lab release on applying machine learning to study the universe. (Feb. 1)

Peidong Yang was interviewed by ABC7 on his lab’s discovery of a material ideal for a smart PV window. (Jan. 29)