Friday, February 16, 2018

Week Ending Feb. 16

Technology Networks ran a story from the American Institute of Physics on a breakthrough in spintronics, in which the Lab was a collaborator. (Feb. 15)

Peidong Yang is featured in a Mercury News article for his smart PV window discovery, the subject of a recent Lab release. (Feb. 14)

CleanTechnica covered a new Lab study on attitudes of people who live near wind turbines. (Feb. 14)

HPCwire ran a Brookhaven release about nuclear physics experiments at NERSC. (Feb. 14)

A Harvard Gazette feature on an indoor air quality researcher cited a Lab study. (Feb. 14)

Energy Central covered a Lab report for FERC on grid reliability, the subject of a Lab release this week. (Feb. 13)

William Fisk is quoted in a Cosmos magazine piece on indoor air pollutants. (Feb. 13)

RTO Insider covered a well-attended EPIC symposium at the California Energy Commission last week, and mentioned that the Lab was one of several organizations that held panel discussions. (Feb. 12)

The Arizona Daily Star wrote about a milestone in the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) project that is led by Berkeley Lab. The collaboration press release was developed at the Lab. There was also coverage in the Daily Cal, Xinhua, Newsweek, Science magazine, International Business Times, Outer Places, The Indian Express, TechSource, the Polish-language Rzeczpospolita, among others. (Feb. 12)