Friday, January 26, 2018

Week Ending Jan. 26

Prabhat is quoted extensively in a piece in The Next Platform on the limits of deep learning in HPC. (Jan. 26)

Photonics Online wrote about the injector gun designed and built by the Lab that was delivered to SLAC for the LCLS-II project. This delivery was announced in a Jan. 22 Lab release. (Jan. 25)

AZoMaterials picked up a Lab release about theoretical work to understand a charge carrier splitting process in organic solar cell materials. (Jan. 25)

A news item from the Smithsonian about studies of phosphorus in the soil featured a JGI project with ORNL. (Jan. 24)

The Daily Cal wrote about Xiang Zhang’s appointment as president of Hong Kong University. (Jan. 24)

A MarketWatch article on Trump’s solar tariffs cited a recent Lab study on the environmental and public health benefits of solar energy. (Jan. 24)

Consumer Reports cites a Lab study in a report on microwave oven impacts. (Jan. 24)

A Daily Cal article on this week’s UC Regents meeting mentioned the Regents will also review the Lab’s annual plan. (Jan. 23)

Berkeleyside published an opinion piece by Alex Sharenko on a Berkeley councilwoman. (Jan. 23)

A Lab release on a discovery of a material ideal for smart PV windows, led by Peidong Yang, was covered a number of outlets, including Huffington Post, India Today, The Economic Times of India, and pvbuzz. (Jan. 23)

Greentech Media cites Lab research on the cost of power outages in its report on grid reliability. (Jan. 23)

A Digital Journal piece on hydrogen-powered vehicles quotes Adam Weber. (Jan. 22)

United News of India reports on a research internship at the Lab for Sneha Jain. (Jan. 22)

Nanowerk highlights Lab research into “liquid letters.” (Jan. 22)

Jens Birkholzer is quoted in EnergyWire and the Los Angeles Daily News on a state-commissioned report on California’s natural gas infrastructure, which the Lab was a main contributor to. (Jan. 19)

Nature ran a news feature on a study led by Diane Dickel on “dark matter” DNA published in Cell; the feature also ran in Scientific American. (Jan. 18)