Friday, January 19, 2018

Week Ending Jan. 19

Green Car Congress covered a Lab release on a study on lithium-sulfur batteries, quoting Brett Helms. (Jan. 19)

Jens Birkholzer is mentioned as a collaborator in an E&P Magazine brief on a DOE grant to WildHorse for a field study on oil recovery. (Jan. 19)

Jens Birkholzer is quoted in KPCC and Los Angeles Daily News items on a new state-commissioned report on California’s natural gas infrastructure, which the Lab was a main contributor to. (Jan. 18)

Fuel Cells Work and Daily Energy Insider mentioned the Lab as a collaborator on a hydrogen fuel study led by LLNL and Notre Dame University. (Jan. 18)

The Sacramento News & Review took a deep dive into seawater desalination, focusing on an LLNL researcher but also quoting Peter Fiske and mentioning the Lab’s Water-Energy Resilience Research Institute. (Jan. 18)

Green Car Congress wrote about two DOE initiatives, HPC4Mobility and Big Data for Solutions for Mobility, which both involve the Lab. (Jan. 18)

Greentech Media ran a story about an NREL-led project on electrification, mentioning the Lab as a partner. (Jan. 17)

Xinhua, R&D Magazine, and others covered a Lab release on x-ray studies of an exotic material with potential for a new form of data storage, some quoting Elke Arenholz and Ramamoorthy Ramesh. (Jan. 16)

A Forbes article on the power used by bitcoin mining cited and linked to a Lab report on energy use by data centers. (Jan. 16)

The Economic Times of India cited a 2012 Lab study in an article on wind energy. (Jan. 16)