Friday, January 5, 2018

Two Weeks Ending Jan. 5

A Lab news release on a study led by Trent Northen on biocrusts was picked up by ScienceCodex, ScienceNewsline, and several other sites. (Jan. 5)

HPCWire ran an article from Computing Sciences on uncovering new characteristics of diamonds. (Jan. 5)

InsideHPC featured videos of Michael Wehner and Prahbat speaking at the 2017 Intel HPC Developer Conference on deep learning for science. (Jan. 5)

Professional Builder quoted Iain Walker in an article on a new ASTM standard for range hood pollutant removal developed at the Lab. (Jan. 4)

An article in the Bennington Banner mentions an agreement for Lab scientists to advise Vermont’s Public Utilities Commission on renewable energy programs. (Jan. 4)

A LiveScience piece on phone batteries in cold weather cites Stephen Harris’ battery website. (Jan. 4)

Gizmodo quotes Alan Poon in an article about measuring atomic masses. (Jan. 4)

An article in IndiaToday about pollution from cookstoves cites a study from the Lab on stove emissions. (Jan. 4)

A Vice News story linking extreme weather to climate change mentioned a recent Lab study on Hurricane Harvey. (Jan. 3)

A Utility Dive story on renewables cited a 2017 Lab report on state renewables portfolio standards. (Jan. 3)

An article at about renewable energy mentions an agreement between a Vermont commission and the Lab. (Jan. 3)

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Shan Dou, and Nate Lindsey appeared on an ABC7 (KGO TV) News segment about their research using dark fiber to study earthquakes and other subsurface activity. The segment was syndicated in several other outlets, including KCRG in Iowa, KAKE in Kansas, and WATE in Tennessee.  The coverage resulted from a Lab news release last month. (Jan. 2)

Civil+Structural Engineer ran a Lab release on an exascale computing project to study earthquakes. (Jan. 1)

CleanTechnica mentioned EGS Collab, a Lab-led geothermal project, in an article on DOE’s spending on geothermal research. (Jan. 1)

Chemical & Engineering News reported on the recent research on lithium-rich battery electrodes involving scientists from the ALS, Molecular Foundry, and SLAC. (Jan. 1) Forbes ran a column on the same study. (Dec. 23) The Lab’s version of the release is here.

Michael Wehner spoke to BBC News about the cold snap in the U.S. (Dec. 31)

Nikit Abhyankar is quoted in a Los Angeles Times story about the energy and climate implications of air conditioner growth in India. (Dec. 29)

The Aug. 2 fire that led to a partial evacuation of the Lab was listed as one of Berkeleyside’s biggest stories of 2017. (Dec. 29)

David Schlegel is quoted in a story on on the discovery of the most distant quasar ever. (Dec. 29)

Hector Garcia Martin is mentioned as a collaborator in a Green Car Congress story on a DOE grant for biofuels to Washington University in St. Louis. (Dec. 29)

A Newsday article highlights the top discoveries of the year from Brookhaven Lab and notes Berkeley Lab involvement in researching catalysts. (Dec. 29)

The Central Valley Business Times reported on the launch of a new project to study climate’s effects on California’s water systems involving the Lab, Livermore Lab, and five UC campuses. (Dec. 29)

An opinion piece in the Regina Leader-Post in Saskatchewan, Canada, about coal tech mentions Jiang Lin and his participation in a webinar about China energy. (Dec. 26)

The Daily Galaxy discusses Eisenhower and “Big Science” and credits Ernest Lawrence with userhing in “the era of academic Big Science.” (Dec. 26)

EE Times wrote about a study led by Xiang Zhang on a molecular-sized shape-changing memory technology. (Dec. 26)

Futurity ran a McGill University release on a study of algae fossils and photosynthesis, which notes Lab participation in the study. (Dec. 25)

Forbes wrote about Lab-involved research of lithium-rich battery components. (Dec. 23)

Green Car Congress wrote about a Lab study led by Akash Narani on a predictive model to optimize biomass blends. (Dec. 22)