Thursday, December 21, 2017

Week Ending Dec. 21

Several science publications named the observation of two colliding neutron stars as among the top science stories of 2017, including Science magazine, Scientific American, Cosmos, and The Lab release on the discovery featured Daniel Kasen and Peter Nugent (though the articles above do not mention the Lab). Science magazine’s runners-up for top science stories include cryoEM, coherent neutrino detection, and CRISPR, all of which had major contributions by the Lab. (Dec. 21)

Marca Doeff and Gerd Ceder are quoted in an article by The Verge on old iPhone batteries. (Dec. 21)

Eurasia Review mentioned the Lab as a contributor (Patrick Shih) to a study published in the journal Geology on the origins of photosynthesis. (Dec. 21)

An International Business Times article about the use of a neutron star merger to test gravity and dark energy theories – based on a Lab press release – quoted the Lab’s Miguel Zumalacárregui. The release was also picked up by Eurasia Review, The Daily Galaxy and the Ibero-American League of Astronomy. The American Physical Society featured a viewpoint about the study. (Dec. 19)

ScienceCodex and other blogs picked up a news release from JGI on a study led by Asaf Levy on plant microbiomes. (Dec. 19)

Smithsonian Magazine and the German news magazines Der Spiegel and SĂĽddeutsche Zeitung wrote about the Lab’s dark fiber research, quoting Jonathan Ajo-Franklin and Shan Dou. His grad student, Nate Lindsey, recorded an audio interview that ran as a podcast in Scientific American. A brief ran in Science magazine. The research was covered in a Lab release. (Dec. 18)

A Forbes column about vehicle-to-grid technology mentioned software created by the Lab. (Dec. 18)

A SpaceDaily article highlighted a Lab feature story about mock galaxies and universe simulations prepared for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), quoting the Lab’s Stephen Bailey. (Dec. 18)

Charged EV Magazine wrote about the discovery of a new solid-state conductor for magnesium batteries, quoting Gerd Ceder. The work was announced in a joint release with Argonne. (Dec. 18)

Berkeleyside wrote about the Lab planning for a mass evacuation drill. (Dec. 18)

ArsTechnica wrote about Michael Wehner’s study on climate change and Hurricane Harvey. (Dec. 17)

CleanTechnica featured an article about a partnership between SoCalGas and UC Irvine and cited a Lab study on solar and wind energy. The same report, based on a SoCalGas press release, was also picked up by,, and other sites. (Dec. 16)