Friday, December 15, 2017

Week Ending Dec. 15

Michael Wehner, who spoke at a press conference at this week’s AGU on the role of climate change in Hurricane Harvey, was quoted extensively, including in The New York Times, Axios, Washington Post, Huffington Post, PRI’s The World, National Geographic, and Scientific American. Other outlets that mentioned this study from the Lab are The Independent, Xinhua, Mother Jones, Grist, and the Associated Press, whose story ran widely in national media. (Dec. 13-15)

The South China Morning Post, RTHK, and Hong Kong Free Press covered the appointment of Xiang Zhang as vice-chancellor of the University of Hong Kong. Additional coverage by SCMP is here and here. (Dec. 15)

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Jonathan Carter in an article about quantum computing. (Dec. 15)

Green Building Advisor wrote about a Lab study on cool roofs cutting water consumption, covered in a Lab release in October. (Dec. 15)

A CleanTechnica article on carbon capture & sequestration mentioned a Lab study on “fake photosynthesis.” (Dec. 15)

The UC Berkeley Cal Alumni Association’s California Magazine featured an article about fracking that mentions the Lab, the Helios Project, and the China Energy Group. Jay Keasling, Rich Muller, Ravi Prasher, and former Lab director Steven Chu are quoted. (Dec. 14)

An advertorial on winter storm power outages cited a 2016 Lab study on outages and ran in,, and dozens of other outlets across the country. (Dec. 14)

In an essay in Forbes on the role of supercomputers in the energy economy, the writer mentioned his visit to NERSC and quoted Horst Simon and Kristin Persson and linked to a Lab release on a study by Gerd Ceder. (Dec. 13)

IEEE Spectrum and The Tech News wrote about a discovery on lithium-rich batteries involving the ALS, first reported in a SLAC/Berkeley Lab release. Other sites that picked up the news include CleanTechnica, Green Car Congress, Nanowerk, and (Dec. 12)

ESnet’s release on its petascale data transfer project was picked up by InsideHPC, HPCwire, and others. (Dec. 12)

China expert Jiang Lin, speaking at an online panel on China’s energy policy, was quoted in The Squamish Chief. (Dec. 12)
Fast Company’s Co.Design and Photonics wrote about “dark fiber,” a project led by Jonathan Ajo-Franklin to use fiber optic cables as underground sensors. The project, first reported in a Lab release, was also covered in Homeland Security News Wire and Scientific Computing.  (Dec. 11)

AGU’s EOS blog reported that DOE’s NGEE-Tropics program will come to an end, according to the president’s 2018 budget and a DOE spokesperson; the article also quoted Jeff Chambers. (Dec. 11)

A Midland Daily News article cited a Lab study on how wind turbines affect property values. (Dec. 11)

InsideHPC picked up a piece from NERSC about using supercomputers to understand supernovae. (Dec. 10)

The Lab was mentioned in a Boston Globe story about recovering audio recorded by a 19th century inventor. (Dec. 8)