Friday, August 19, 2016

Berkeley Lab In the News, August 7 to 19, 2016

Berkeley Lab “In the News” is our weekly review of Lab researchers, staff, and students who have appeared in the news media this past week. This is but a sampling of our coverage. Please note that some links may expire after time. 

An Aug. 19 Washington Post story on the increases in energy efficiency programs quoted Chuck Goldman.

An Aug. 19 Optics & Photonics story featured work by Evan Mills showing how LED lighting can bring employment to developing countries. His work first appeared in a Lab news release.

An Aug. 18 CleanTechnica story highlighted a new Lab report on wind energy and quoted Ryan Wiser. The report was also covered by E&E News (which quoted Mark Bolinger),, North American Wind Power, Natural Resources Defense Council, GreenTech Media and others.

An Aug. 18 story in The Scientist quoted Robert Riley on new insights into how yeast behaves. and Ethanol Producer covered the work and also quoted co-author Igor Grigoriev.

An Aug. 18 story highlighted work by Omar Yaghi on using metal-organic frameworks leading to a new way to view hard-to-study samples. Nanowerk, R& and used a Lab news release to also tell the story.

An Aug. 17 story noted a scientific expedition underway led by Jim Bishop, who is using ocean-going robots to track carbon. The expedition is being documented via a blog by the Lab’s Sarah Yang.

An Aug. 17 story, based on a Lab news release, featured work by Carolyn Larabell and Michal Hammel on the discovery of a molecular switch.

An Aug. 16 HPCWire story noted new investment in supercomputer based materials design to be led by Steven Louie. InsideHPC, the Oak Ridger and GreenCarCongress were some of the others covering the announcement from a Lab news release.

An Aug. 14 San Diego Union-Tribune story on how communities support renewable energy projects quoted Chuck Goldman.

An Aug. 10 New York Times story on global warming linked to the Lab’s Indoor Air Quality site as additional information on the use of air-conditioners.

An Aug. 9 Popular Mechanics story highlighted the beginning of construction for the Lab-led Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument. The Science Explorer, Daily Mail, Fast Company, TechCrunch, ZDNet, the Vancouver Sun, Business Insider and many others also ran stories, many based on a Lab news release. Many stories quoted Michael Levi and/or David Schlegel.

An Aug. 9 Journal Times story (Racine, WI) noted a local student was attending the Lab’s Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship program.

An Aug. 9 story on the most solar-saturated zip codes in California was written by Ben Hoen and based on Lab research.

An Aug. 8 EnergyWire story on appropriate utility pricing for grid energy quoted Lisa Schwartz.