Friday, March 11, 2016

Berkeley Lab In the News, Week of March 6, 2016

Berkeley Lab “In the News” is our weekly review of Lab researchers, staff, and students who have appeared in the news media this past week. This is but a sampling of our coverage. Please note that some links may expire after time. 

A March 11 Associated Press story noted the lab’s involvement in a small business voucher program. A lab news release detailed the lab’s role, which was also covered by Energy Global.

A March 11 story highlighted work led by Jeffrey Bokor showing how magnetic chips could increase computing’s energy efficiency.

A March 10 story in US Glass magazine featured a paint-on coating to improve window energy efficiency, work by Raymond Weitekamp, Steve Selkowitz and Arman Shehabi. The story was based on an earlier lab news release.

A March 10 AnandTech story on EUV lithography mentioned the Lab’s SHARP microscope.

A March 7 New Zealand Herald story on indoor air pollution and its impact on cognitive thinking quoted Mark Mendell.

A March 7 Alzheimer’s News Today story featured recent work by Bill Jagust detailing his use of PET scans to better diagnose Alzheimer’s.

A March 5 New York Times story looking at Gov. Jerry Brown’s image as a climate change leader quoted Jeff Greenblatt.