Monday, October 12, 2015

Berkeley Lab In the News, Week of Oct. 4-9, 2015

Berkeley Lab “In the News” is our weekly review of Lab researchers, staff, and students who have appeared in the news media this past week. This is but a sampling of our coverage. Please note that some links may expire after time.

An Oct. 9 Los Alamos Daily Post story featured research on permafrost and climate impact led by Charles Koven. The Alaska Dispatch News and Daily Cal also ran stories on the work.

An Oct. 8 RedOrbit story on neutrino research at the Sanford Underground Research Facility quoted Alan Poon.

An Oct. 8 Jerusalem Post story noted a prize given to Jay Keasling.

An Oct. 7 Symmetry story on neutrino research at Daya Bay quoted Dan Dwyer.

An October 7 Nature news opinion piece co-written by Saul Perlmutter encouraged blind analysis on research projects.

An Oct. 6 Daily Cal story looked at an air pollution detection effort led by Tom Kirchstetter.

An Oct. 6 Huffington Post story looked at work led by Peidong Yang into artificial photosynthesis.

An Oct. 5 Forbes story on the drop in solar prices noted a new report led by Mark BolingerUtility Dive, Mother Earth News and others also covered the new report.

An Oct. 5 Washington Examiner story noted the lab’s involvement in a new coalition called CERC-WET, led by Ashok Gadgil. The Chinese World Journal and Orange County Business Journal also covered the collaboration

An Oct. 2 CNBC story looked at the creation of an “invisibility cloak” led by Xiang Zhang.