Friday, October 30, 2015

Berkeley Lab In the News, Week of Oct. 25, 2015

Berkeley Lab “In the News” is our weekly review of Lab researchers, staff, and students who have appeared in the news media this past week. This is but a sampling of our coverage. Please note that some links may expire after time. 

An Oct. 30 San Francisco Business Times story looked at efforts to fight climate change and quoted Bill Collins.

An Oct. 30 GreenBiz opinion piece written by Venkat Srinivasan looked at the latest efforts to create a better battery.

An Oct. 29 GeekWire story on lithium-air batteries cited a recent study led by Alpesh Khushalchand Shukla and Colin Ophus. The story was based on a lab news release and was also covered by Nanowerk and

An Oct. 29 AFP News story quoted Eoin Brodie on a new effort to create a unified microbiome study. Yahoo News, Japan Times and others also quoted him in similar stories. The effort was highlighted in a lab news release.

An Oct. 29 Nature news story on flow batteries quoted Adam Weber, citing some of his research. His research was also highlighted in a recent lab news release.

And another Oct. 29 Nature news story quoted Mary Ann Piette on energy storage challenges.

An Oct. 29 GreenTechMedia story looked at the latest on the western power grid from a study by Andrew Mills and Joachim Seel.

An Oct. 28 R&D magazine feature looked at new efforts led by Jeffrey Long to use MOFs to create better natural gas vehicles. A lab-created news release was the basis of the story.

An Oct. 27 Today I Found Out video looked at the origins of duck/duct tape and noted the Lab’s role in its naming.

An Oct. 27 Washington Post story on indoor air pollution and cognition quoted Bill Fisk, who was also cited in a ClimateProgress story.

An Oct. 26 Chemical and Engineering News cover story on JBEI included numerous researchers including Jay Keasling, Jennifer Mortimer, Nathan Hilson, Blake Simmons, Steve Singer, Harry Beller, Taek Soon Lee, Leonard Katz, and Paul Adams.

An Oct. 26 Daily Cal story highlighted work by Fan Yang and Junqiao Wu on the use of black phosphorous as a semiconductor, work first seen in a lab news release.

An Oct. 26 IEEE Spectrum story on turning CO2 into fuel quoted Alexis Bell and work from JCAP.

An Oct. 26 Detroit Free Press story on ways to save energy around the home quoted Alan Meier.

An Oct. 26 Wall Street Journal story on making indoor spaces more healthy quoted Mark Mendell.

An Oct. 25 KQED-FM story highlighted work by Carl Haber to help recover sounds of Native American tribes.

An Oct. 25 Daily Cal story noted former Lab director Charles Shanks’ receiving the Fermi Award.

An Oct. 25 ANI News story featured work on a 2D laser led by Xiang Zhang and which appeared originally in a lab news release.

An Oct. 23 AAAS News story looked at three current lab-affiliated female researchers given L’Oreal Women In Science Fellowships. 

An Oct. 20 EnergyWire story on microgrids for remote cities quoted Peter Larsen.