Friday, August 7, 2015

Berkeley Lab In the News, July 19-Aug. 7, 2015

Berkeley Lab “In the News” is our weekly review of Lab researchers, staff, and students who have appeared in the news media this past week. This is but a sampling of our coverage. Please note that some links may expire after time. 

An Aug. 7 Inside HPC story on measuring supercomputer speeds quoted Horst Simon.

An Aug. 7 story looked at a new book on Ernest Lawrence and the early history of Berkeley Lab.

An Aug. 6 Bloomberg story on China’s urban planning quoted Nan Zhou.

An Aug. 6 Daily Cal story looked at work led by Eva Nogales on the dynamics of microtubules. The story was based on a lab news release.

An Aug 6 Poughkeepsie Journal story on indoor air quality quoted Max Sherman.

An Aug. 5 Popular Science story highlighted research on a coffee beetle led by Javier Ceja-Navarro and Eoin Brodie. The work was also covered by Telemundo news. An embedded video in the PopSci story was created by the Lab’s Public Affairs department.

An Aug. 4 CalMatters story on cutting California gas use quoted Jeff Greenblatt.

An Aug. 4 HPC Wire story noted the creation of the Pacific Research Platform involving the Lab and quoting ESnet Director Greg Bell. Reuters also covered the announcement.

An Aug. 3 Nature World News story covered new developments on a rice blight, work led by JBEI’s Pamela Ronald.

An Aug.3 GizMag story, based on a lab news release, featured research on a single-molecule diode led by Jeff Neaton and Zhenfei Liu.

A July 31 Wired story on Google’s use of  “sniffers” for pollution noted the Lab’s involvement, led by Lara Gundel. Fortune and Information Week also covered the project.

A July 30 column in The Guardian written by Evan Mills looked at the benefits of LED and solar technology in developing countries.

A July 30 Science magazine story on a White House announcement to build an exascale computer quoted Horst Simon. He was also mentioned on New York and The Platform on the same topic.

A July 29 Nature story on miniature organs quoted Mina Bissell.

A July 28 R& feature looked at short wavelength plasmons research led by Feng Wang. The story was based on a news release written by lab Public Affairs.

A July 27 Vox story on residential solar cited a report by Naim Darghouth, Ryan Wiser, Galen Barbose and Andrew Mills.

A July 27 KQED Science story on efforts to create an artificial leaf quoted Chris Chang and mentioned colleagues Peidong Yang and Michelle Chang. The interview was coordinated by lab Public Affairs.

A July 27 Fortune magazine story on silicon battery materials quoted Gao Liu.

A July 26 Denver Post story on solar PV quoted Galen Barbose.

A July 24 EE Times story looked at nanoparticle imaging using graphene, work led by Peter Ercius and Paul Alivisatos. The story resulted from a lab news release.

A July 24 Boston Globe story on green improvements that increase home values quoted Ben Hoen.

A July 21 New York Times story looked at questions about cellphone radiation and quoted Bob Cahn.

A July 21 story on Elon Musk’s latest Tesla announcement quoted Venkat Srinivasan.

A July 21 Sydney Morning Herald column on Moore’s Law was co-written by David Bailey.

A July 21 ClimateWire story looked at research led by Evan Mills showing how gaming computers use large amounts of power.