Friday, March 22, 2013

Berkeley Lab In the News, Week of March 10, 2013

Berkeley Lab “In the News” is our weekly review of Lab researchers, staff, and students who have appeared in the news media this past week. This is but a sampling of our coverage. Please note that some links may expire after time.

A March 14 KNTV-TV Channel 11 story on the Higgs boson included the Lab’s Marjorie Shapiro.

A March 14 MIT News story featured work by the Lab’s Michael Crommie showing a phenomenon theorized decades ago.

A recent story on France 24 TV looked at the greening of data centers and included the Lab’s John Shalf and Brent Draney.

A March 14 commentary written by the Lab’s Evan Mills touched on the dangers of a do-nothing strategy when it comes to climate change.

A March 14 San Diego Union Tribune story on light emitted from coral highlighted a study led by the Lab’s Melissa Roth.

A March 13 Atlantic Monthly story looked at a recent opinion piece co-written by Lab Director Paul Alivisatos on the possible impact of the budget sequestration.

A March 13 story in The Energy Collective highlighted a report led by the Lab’s Mark Bolinger showing the long-term benefits of wind power.

A March 13 DailyRx story on osteoarthritis and running included work by the Lab’s Paul Williams.

A March 12 Nature story on a new DNA toolkit quoted the Lab’s Adam Arkin.

A March 11 Radio Free Asia story on China’s efforts towards energy efficiency quoted the Lab’s David Fridley.