Friday, October 12, 2012

Berkeley Lab In the News, Week of October 7, 2012

Berkeley Lab “In the News” is our weekly review of Lab researchers, staff, and students who have appeared in the news media this past week. This is but a sampling of our coverage. Please note that some links may expire after time.

An Oct. 12 CNN Fact Check story following the vice-presidential debate cited Lab research on wind energy.

An Oct. 12 FARS News Agency story on a synthetic biology circuit quoted the Lab’s Aindrila Mukhopadhyay.

A reported sighting of a mountain lion at the Lab on Oct. 11 received news coverage from, the Daily Cal, and local Patch sites.

An Oct. 11 Signal Online story on Big Data quote the Lab’s Arie Shoshani.

An Oct. 9 story in The Post Standard in Syracuse, NY, looked at the costs of solar energy and cited work conducted by Berkeley Lab.

An Oct. 8 Associated Press story highlighted a recent report coauthored by Berkeley Lab researchers on the benefits of wind energy projects.

An Oct. 8 Product Design & Development story looked at work at the ALS imaging lithium-air reactions as they happen. The story quoted the Lab’s Ethan Crumlin.