Monday, May 23, 2011

Bay Area Recruiters Say Job Seekers Often Overlook Opportunities

Job seekers who restrict the hunt to a particular industry often overlook organizations that could use their skills, according to recruiters at several large companies. “We don’t just hire scientists and engineers,” said Jeff Todd, a senior recruiter at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, one of 50 companies with the help wanted sign out at Laney College on Friday. Airlines, telecommunications companies and scientific research organizations rely on a full range of support staff to carry out their missions. Todd said the biofuel and cancer research at the lab run by the University of California is no different. “We’re an organization about science,” Todd said, but the 200 openings include positions in finance, human resources, employee health and safety and facilities management. “We hire all across the lab,” he said, particularly as they expand to a second campus. More>