Monday, March 21, 2011

Vampire Loads: Powering a Standby World

There was a time when off meant off and a darkened room didn't glisten with tiny pinpricks of red, blue, and green light.There was a time when vampires only existed in the world of fiction. But those days are gone, and vampires - energy vampires or vampire loads - are everywhere. There are likely vampire loads of some sort in every room of your house. You may also know it as phantom load, it is less dramatically (and more accurately) called standby power. Standby power is the new "off" for most modern devices and appliances. It depends on the device, but according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, standby power is generally defined as the minimum electricity consumed by an appliance while plugged into an AC outlet while switched off, doing nothing, or "not performing their primary" function. More>