Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bionanoelectronics — No Frankenstein

Bionanoelectronics is, as the name suggests, the study of the interface of biology and man-made nanocomponents. The ultimate aim of many researchers in this field is to combine biological machines with man-made ones to give superior functionality, or to go one step further still and produce a seamless interface between biological and synthetic systems. This may sound like the stuff of science fiction, and indeed it is a subject that has been intensively discussed in fiction from an early date - exemplified by the uncontrollable Frankenstein’s monster- but the field is now progressing toward a controllable reality. A recent review article by Alexandr Noy of University of California, Merced, USA, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA provides a clear overview of bionanoelectronics progess to date, along with the upcoming challenges for scientists working in this area. More>