Friday, April 20, 2018

Week Ending April 20

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

CleanTechnica and North American Wind Power picked up a Lab release on a new wind turbine database. (April 19)

Natural News wrote about the Lab’s “smart farm” test bed in Arkansas, previously covered in a Lab release. (April 18)

TechExplorist covered a Lab release on a Valleytronics discovery that could have implications for Moore’s Law. (April 14)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

EnergyWire, CleanTechnica, and The Energy Collective covered a new report from the Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Group on the value of Atlantic offshore wind; CleanTechnica ran a related column the following day on the Energy Department’s promotion of offshore wind and cited the report. (April 17-18)

Solar Industry covered a new report from the Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Group on the income trends of residential solar adopters. (April 18)

The Lab contributed to an NREL-led report on the solar opportunity in low-income housing, picked up by Solar Power World. (April 18)

Green Car Congress, V3, covered a UC Berkeley release on a study led by Gerbrand Ceder that found an alternative to using cobalt in lithium batteries. (April 16)

East Bay Today, Cal State East Bay’s publication, ran a feature on Ruth Tinnacher’s effort to find a way to store radioactive waste; it reported she’ll be collaborating with Lab scientists, including Patricia Fox. (April 16)

An ABC10 piece on cool pavements in Sacramento cited a report by the Lab’s Heat Island Group. (April 16)

Foreign Affairs published an interview with Jennifer Doudna. (May/June issue)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Week Ending April 13

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

Gizmodo covered a Lab release on the ability to print 3-D structures out of liquid, and produced an accompanying video as well. (April 13)

Buildings covered a Lab release on organic solar cells and quoted Steven Louie, Jeff Neaton, and Felipe da Jornada. (April 10)

Science Bulletin picked up a Lab release on discoveries about distortions in the universe’s oldest light. (April 10)

The Daily Cal covered a Lab release on self-driving taxis and another release on methane measurements, quoting Daniel Feldman. (April 9)

Stephen Derenzo is quoted in Australia’s Particle in a piece on WIMPs, or weakly interactive massive particles, the subject of a Lab release. (April 8)  

California magazine wrote about research at the Advanced Light Source that found the “ingredients for life” in two meteorites that crashed to Earth in 1998, covered in a Lab release. (Spring 2018 issue)

The sweet smell of success: A Lab release on its “smart farm” test bed in Arkansas was picked up in Manure Manager. (April 6)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Power Technology, ChemistryWorld, and covered a UC Berkeley release on a study led by Gerbrand Ceder that found an alternative to using cobalt in lithium batteries. (April 12)

Nevada Appeal and ThinkGeoEnergy reported on DOE’s upcoming decision on a site for FORGE, for enhanced geothermal research. The Lab is a participant in the Nevada site. (April 12)

The Los Angeles Times cited a Lab study on PACE programs in an article on PACE-related lawsuits. (April 12)

Trevor Keenan was quoted in a Scientific American article on a story on how trees sweat to keep cool. (May 2018 issue)

Hugo Destaillats was quoted in an article on e-cigarettes in Stanford Medicine’s SCOPE. (April 11)

Cyclotron Road published two pieces on Medium, one on Raymond Weitekamp’s PolySpectra and another on a new study published by Jean-Luc Vay and Jared Schwede; the latter also quotes Andreas Schmid. (April 11)

Miquel Salmeron was interviewed in Gimlet Media’s Every Little Thing podcast about why ice is slippery (starts at the 11-minute mark). (April 10)

Tianzhen Hong published an article in Science Trends on a tool for cities to model energy use by buildings. (April 10)

Good Fruit Grower carried an article on the use of the Advanced Light Source to study Honeycrisp apples. (April 10)

Ronnen Levinson was quoted in the Sonoran News on cool pavements. (April 9)

Mary Maxon co-authored an editorial in Science magazine advocating for science and technology fellowships at the state level, similar to California’s S&T Policy Fellows Program. (April 6)

An Eco-Business article on sweltering Asian cities cited a Lab report on air conditioners. (April 4)

Friday, April 6, 2018

Week Ending April 6

The San Francisco Business Times wrote about anti-aging startup Unity Bio filing for an IPO; one of the company’s scientific founders is Judith Campisi. (April 6)

Ronnen Levinson is quoted in a ScienceNews story on cooling strategies for deadly heat waves (April 3) and in a piece on KTAR (Phoenix) on cool pavements (April 5).

Ilan Gur is quoted in a Harvard Business Review piece on the Silicon Valley funding model. (April 5)

A GreenBiz piece on cleantech startups mentioned the Lab’s Cyclotron Road. (April 4)

Juerg Beringer is quoted in a Symmetry Magazine piece on a publication he oversees, “The Review of Particle Physics.” Michael Barnett is also quoted. (April 3)  

A Lab report is cited in a Yale Environment 360 feature on data center energy efficiency. (April 3)

A Lab release on methane’s growing greenhouse effect was covered by UPI and Eurasia Review. (April 3)

Eos reported on the discovery of crystallized water found trapped in diamonds, work done at the Advanced Light Source. (April 2)

JBEI’s discovery of a bio-based alternative to toluene was mentioned in a WaterWorld newscast. (April 2)

A San Jose Mercury article on a new report from AFSCME on wage disparities among low-wage UC workers opens with a quote from Kathreen Bedford, a Lab employee for 23 years. (April 2)

The Advanced Light Source and the Lab were mentioned in articles in Yale News and the Los Alamos Daily Post on a new study on topological order. (April 2)

An Inside Climate News article on government regulation of hydrofluorocarbons in air conditions cited a Lab study. (March 30)