Friday, September 21, 2018

Week Ending September 21

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

A Lab feature on Heather Crawford (NSD) and her work on gamma rays was covered in TechExplorist. (Sept. 15)

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Colin Ophus (MF) is quoted in a feature story in Wired about transmission electron microscopes. (Sept. 21)

California Magazine wrote a feature on Omar Yaghi (MSD) and metal-organic frameworks. (Sept. 20)

PV Magazine, CleanTechnica, PV Buzz, and others covered the Lab’s latest Tracking the Sun report on the solar industry. (Sept. 20)

The sighting of a mountain lion near the Lab was reported in Berkeleyside and NBC Bay Area. (Sept. 20)

The University Network published a list highlighting 10 “Women Killin’ It In STEM Fields,” which included Haruko Wainwright (EESA). (Sept. 19)

Prabhat (NERSC) is mentioned as a finalist for the Gordon Bell Prize in InsideHPC; HPCwire describes his project, using the Summit supercomputer to study extreme weather, as well as that of Andre Walker-Loud and Pavlos Vranas (NSD). (Sept. 18)

The Daily Cal ran an opinion piece on discrimination on campus, written by the attorney representing a woman who has filed a discrimination case against the Lab. (Sept. 18)

A article on the procs and cons of hydropower cited a recent Lab study on the subject. (Sept. 18)

Jay Keasling (JBEI), Héctor García Martín (BSE), and Jill Banfield (EESA) are either mentioned or quoted in a New Yorker magazine feature article on termites. (Sept. 17)

Green Car Congress covered a study on lithium ion batteries that involved SLAC, the Lab, and the Advanced Light Source. (Sept. 17)

The Sacramento Bee, LA Daily News, the Daily Cal, and others covered a tentative deal between the nurses’ union and UC, which covers some staff at the Lab. (Sept. 15)

Michael Wehner (CRD) and colleagues forecast how much Hurricane Florence’s rain may have been made worse by climate change; his results were reported in Bloomberg, Politico, Huffington Post, Grist, and others.  

Friday, September 14, 2018

Week Ending September 14

Ryan Wiser (ETA) was quoted in a Popular Mechanics article on wind turbines. (Sept. 14)

Galen Barbose (ETA) was quoted in a Future Structure piece on state renewable energy mandates. (Sept. 14)

Michael Wehner (CRD) and colleagues forecast how much Hurricane Florence’s rain may have been made worse by climate change; his results were reported in National Geographic, ThinkProgress, Inside Climate News, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, Inquisitr, Science News, The Nation, and others. (Sept. 13)

Medical News Today, The Register (UK), and others covered a UC Berkeley study that was a collaboration with the Lab and found that some gut bacteria can generate electricity; some of the stories quoted co-author Caroline Ajo-Franklin (MF). (Sept. 13)

Daily Green World quoted Peter Nugent (CRD) and Dan Kasen (NSD) in an article on supernovae. (Sept. 13)

MIT Technology Review ran a Q&A with Gerd Ceder (MSD) on the future of batteries. (Sept. 12)

Dale Sartor (ETA) is quoted in a Nature news feature on data center energy efficiency. (Sept. 12)

The Daily Cal wrote about a collision between a Lab shuttle bus and a student riding a penny board. (Sept. 12) ran a feature on Lab scientists trying to develop a new color, “quantum blue.” (Sept. 12)

A Lab study on record rainfall from Hurricane Harvey was cited in a Vox article on why hurricanes are expected to dump more rain in a warming world. (Sept. 12)

TechCrunch covered an announcement by Synvitrobio, a Cyclotron Road project, that it had raised $2.6 million and changed it name to Tierra Biosciences. (Sept. 11)

Bill Collins was interviewed in a KQED radio segment on global warming tied to the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco; PRI also ran the piece. (Sept. 10)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Week Ending August 31

Lab news releases earned the following coverage:

CleanTechnica, The Daily Caller, and Daily Energy Insider covered a Lab release on a wind market report; some of the articles quoted Ryan Wiser and Mark Bolinger (ETA).

The Lab or Lab staff appeared in the following media:

Berkeleyside published a remembrance of Fred Lothrop, who worked at Berkeley Lab from 1956 to 1997, helping scientists run their experiments at the Bevatron. (Aug. 31)

A UC Berkeley release on a study on how improving soil quality can slow global warming, of which Andrew Jones (EESA) was a co-author, was covered by Courthouse News Service and Eurasia Review. (Aug. 30)

Kathryn Zurek (PH) is quoted in a Gizmodo piece on the debate among physicists on the nature of dark matter. (Aug. 30)

Science News quotes Wim Leemans in an article about an plasma-based electron acceleration experiment conducted at CERN. A similar article in Gizmodo mentions laser-based plasma wakefield acceleration at the Lab. A piece in on wakefield accelerators mentioned BELLA. (Aug. 30)

Hydrogen Fuel News covered a DOE grant for fuel cell research to Northeastern University researchers, who will collaborate with the Lab. (Aug. 30)

Pouya Vahmani (EESA) and his study on cool roofs is cited in a Cosmos article on hot cities. (Aug. 28)

WCAI covered research by Marta Gonzalez (ETA) using cell phone and credit card data to understand mobility patterns and other consumer behavior. (Aug. 28)

Andrew Jones (EESA) was interviewed in an NBC Bay Area report on the new state climate change assessment. (Aug. 27)

Greentech Media cited a recent Lab report in an article on EV policy. (Aug. 24)