Friday, December 8, 2017

Week Ending Dec. 8

Hugo Destaillats was quoted in an Inside Science piece on thirdhand smoke that ran in (Dec. 8)

Marketplace radio interviewed Kristin Persson about battery research and ran a two-part series with her, one segment on lithium-ion batteries and a second on next-generation batteries. The segments ran on a number of other public radio stations as well, including WWNO in New Orleans and WVTF in Virginia. (Dec. 7)

EnvironmentGuru, LaboratoryEquipment, and others  picked up a Lab release on better gas mask filters, research by Hendrik Bluhm, Lena Trotochaud, and Ashley Head. (Dec. 7)

An article in Metro about obesity and genetics cited a Lab study. (Dec. 7)

A Lab news release on work led by Jonathan Ajo-Franklin to use fiber optic cables for detection of subsurface activity was picked up by AGU’s Geospace blog, GeologyPage, International Business Times, and others. (Dec. 6)

Dale Sartor was quoted in a article about Google buying renewable energy certificates to power its data servers. (Dec. 6)

A Lab report was cited in an article on energy efficiency in The Energy Collective. (Dec. 6)

A feature in The Atlantic about climate change and the SoCal fires cited a 2006 Lab study on the Santa Ana winds. (Dec. 6) picked up a Lab release detailing how NERSC was used in a study of how early supernovae affected star formation. (Dec. 6)

Space Daily quoted the Lab’s David Schlegel in an article about a supermassive black hole discovery. (Dec. 6)

A Nature feature article on energy innovation mentioned Cyclotron Road. (Dec. 6)

The Daily Mail quoted Lab physicist Hitoshi Murayama in an article about dark matter particles. (Dec. 5)

PV Magazine featured a study by Berkeley and Argonne labs about variable renewable energy. (Dec. 5)

CleanTechnica, Engadget, TechSpot, DesignNews, and others covered the discovery of a fast magnesium battery electrolyte, which was announced in a Lab release. Several of the articles quoted Gerd Ceder. TechNews made a short video about the news. (Dec. 4)

Proceso, a magazine in Mexico, ran an article about the National Autonomous University of Mexico building three “clean energy” buildings with participation from Lab researchers. (Dec. 4)

A Portland Press Herald article on the reliability of Maine’s electric utility cited a 2017 Lab study. (Dec. 3)

A feature article in Chemistry World about indoor air quoted Brett Singer and also cited Hugo Destaillats. (Nov. 24)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Two Weeks Ending Dec. 1

The Scientist magazine ran a profile of EESA researcher Neslihan Tas and her work studying permafrost microbes. The article also quoted Susan Hubbard. (Dec. 1)

Xinhua wrote about a Lab discovery on the atomic stripes of quantum materials, quoting Robert Kaindl. (Nov. 30)

Ann Almgren and Kathy Yelick were quoted in a Nature news feature on exascale computing. (Nov. 29)

The International Business Times, Xinhua, New Atlas, and others covered the discovery of a solid-state magnesium conductor, quoting Gerd Ceder. The coverage followed a joint Lab release with Argonne National Lab. (Nov. 29)

An article in Engadget on the search for dark matter mentioned the Lab’s LUX-ZEPLIN experiment. (Nov. 29)

The Daily Cal reported on the Lab’s project with the Sonoma County Water Agency -- the subject of a Lab release last week -- and quoted Michelle Newcomer. (Nov. 27)

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle about delays in construction of an Oakland school mentioned that one of the contractors has been indicted on fraud charges related to renovations at the Lab. (Nov. 27)

Futurism wrote about the IceCube Collaboration’s study of neutrinos and quoted Sandra Miarecki, a former Air Force test pilot and Lab affiliate. The International Business Times also ran an article as well as a video interview with Miarecki. Gizmodo and Symmetry Magazine quoted Spencer Klein in their articles. All followed a Lab release on the project. Symmetry also ran a Lab feature on Miarecki. (Nov. 23)

An opinion piece calling for the elimination of renewable energy subsidies in the Riverside Press-Enterprise by Isaac Orr of the Heartland Institute cited a statistic on renewable energy mandates attributed to the Lab. (Nov. 23)

The Jewish News of Northern California covered the visit of the Israeli Minister of Science & Technology to the Bay Area, including to the Lab, and his effort to lure expats home. (Nov. 22)

The Daily Cal wrote about two postdocs -- Aaron Meisner and Liang Wu, both also affiliated with Berkeley Lab -- named to Forbes’ “30 under 30 in Science” list. (Nov. 21) and the East Bay Times, as well as many local TV stations, reported the mountain lion sighting at the Lab. (Nov. 20)

Spencer Klein was quoted in a Futurism article about measurements from CERN. (Nov. 18) featured an article, based on a University of Toronto press release, that mentions the Molecular Foundry. Berkeley Lab also featured an adapted version of this release. (Nov. 21)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Week Ending Nov. 17

The International Business Times wrote about the search for dark matter and cited a recent Lab experiment. (Nov. 16)

Newsweek reported on an X-ray study of parrotfish teeth at the Advanced Light Source, based on a Lab news release. It was also covered in LiveScience, Xinhua, the Independent, Le Figaro,, Asia Pacific Daily, and Dental Tribune. Several of the articles quote Matthew Marcus, including Le Figaro, which quotes him as saying: “Je me suis dit, mais comment ces poissons qui dévorent du corail à longueur de journée ne perdent-ils pas leurs dents?” (Nov. 15)

Singapore’s Straits Times wrote about green buildings and a collaboration with the Lab on zero energy buildings. (Nov. 15)

A Lab release on the discovery of a new type of biofuel enzymes was covered by Xinhua. (Nov. 14)

Jiang Lin is quoted in a New York Times article about China’s continued use of coal while trying to lead on climate. (Nov. 14)

The launch of Caltech’s Zwicky Transient Facility was widely covered. The Lab is among the partners in the facility. Articles appeared in Astronomy Now, Science, and The Guardian, among others. There was a related press release by Caltech.

Green Car Congress wrote about a fuel cell study at the ALS, based on a Lab news release. It was also covered in Nanowerk. (Nov. 14)

An MIT Technology Review article on a new battery startup quoted Gerd Ceder. (Nov. 14)

NMP (National Mortgage Professional Magazine) wrote about a recent Lab study on energy factors in commercial mortgages. (Nov. 14)

USA Today cites the Lab in an article about how to cut your home electricity bill. (Nov. 13)

Cyclotron Road’s Etosha Cave made 7x7 Magazine’s “Hot 20” list of Bay Area innovators. (Nov. 13)

CNET cites the Lab in an article about China’s supercomputers. (Nov. 13)

A Scientific American article on whether proteins were the first self-replicating molecule cites a study by Ron Zuckermann. (Nov. 12) cited a Lab report in an article about greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioners. (Nov. 10)

Bo Hang is quoted in an article about how to get rid of the the smoke smell in your car. (Nov. 10)

Bonus link of the week: An ORNL nuclear physicist talks to Knox News about how working at a DOE national lab is and isn’t like the fictional Hawkins National Laboratory of “Stranger Things,” and whether it’s possible to open a portal to another dimension.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Week Ending Nov. 10

An AP story on California fire cleanup mentions the Lab working with USGS to monitor water runoff. (Nov. 10)

Peter Nugent is quoted in a USA Today article covering a Lab feature on "the star that wouldn't die." The collaboration was widely covered in the media, and Nugent was also quoted in and Discovery Magazine. (Nov. 9) 

Newsweek magazine and the International Business Times wrote about a Lab experiment on the search for dark photons using the BaBar detector, which was covered in a Lab news release. (Nov. 9)

Dev Millstein is quoted in an article in Yale Climate Connections covering a Lab report on the healthcare cost savings resulting from renewable energy. (Nov. 8)

Patrick Shih is cited in a Daily Cal piece covering a Lab release on the origins of photosynthesis. (Nov. 8)

A study by Pouya Vahmani and Andrew Jones on water savings associated with cool roofs is covered in (Nov. 8)

A Nature News article on a genetically modified apple quoted Mary Maxon. The article also appeared in Scientific American and the International Business Times covered it as well.  (Nov. 7) 

A Gizmodo article on quantum computing featured a photo of an 8-qubit quantum processor at Shyh Wang Hall, and quoted Irfan Siddiqi. The reporter visited the Lab as part of an Oct. 29 tour in conjunction with the World Conference of Science Journalists. (Nov. 7) 

Tonya Petty is quoted in a Daily Cal story about the UC Berkeley campus cutting its emergency management office. (Nov. 5)

Galen Barbose is quoted in an IndyStar article about a new Indiana solar law phasing out net metering. (Nov. 5) The Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Group is cited in another IndyStar article about political kickbacks for solar policy in Indiana. (Nov. 6)

The Lab is mentioned in a Fresh Air interview with Michael Lewis about Trump appointees. (Nov. 6)